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Parent Notice for Kindergarten and newly enrolled 1st Graders

Parent Notice for Kindergarten and newly enrolled 1st Graders:

(ORC 3313.673) A child’s screening and assessment data cannot be used to determine eligibility to enter kindergarten. The only criterion for entrance into kindergarten is age eligibility. By November 1 of the school year in which a child is enrolled for the first time, the child must be screened for vision, hearing, speech and communication, medical problems and any developmental disorders. If the screening reveals the possibility of potential learning needs, the District must provide further assessment. Schools must note that screenings are not intended to diagnose educational disability or to be used for placement procedures. Screening results are helpful in identifying areas of individual development that require further assessment for educational programming, particularly for students who might benefit from early intervention, prevention, acceleration and/or enrichment programs. A parent may sign a statement that they do not wish to have the child screened.