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About Us

What is Main Preparatory Academy?

 Main Preparatory academy is an Elementary Charter School Located in Akron, Ohio. We opened in August of 2013, serving students in grades K-5. Main Preparatory Academy places high importance on safety and civility. These are core to having a good learning environment and building character. We have a project-based curriculum philosophy that incorporates new and emerging practices and technologies such as chrome notebooks and tablets. We also provide several engaging hands-on literacy and math centers for our students. We view the entire world as our classroom and will have a variety of face-to-face and virtual learning activities outside of the school.

Main Preparatory Academy is a strong community of learners. We promote as much parent involvement as possible!! This year we have incorporated several different ways to get parents involved in their child’s education.  In the Kindergarten classrooms, parents and family members are invited to come in to be Mystery Readers.  Along with Mystery Readers, Main Preparatory Academy invites parents and family members to come to family nights, carnivals and open house nights.  These events allow parents to walk through the classrooms to see projects created at school and talk with the teachers about their child’s progress.

The Main Preparatory Academy Staff is dedicated to creating positive outlooks for each student’s personal and academic goals. We strive to build a strong rapport with each student to allow them to feel safe in the classroom to take learning risks.  With small classroom sizes we have the ability to work one-on-one with each student throughout the day!  To learn more, stop in and take a tour at Main Preparatory Academy!

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